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Geography has been very generous with us, the undisputed variety of roads makes us feel like we are in an amusement park: long like the Stelvio, damn steep like the Mortirolo or progressive like Selvino, even undulating and flat roads and coastal lake roads around Lake Como or Lake Iseo. Cycling is as delicious and valuable as choosing the right bottle of wine at the restaurant.

Bergamo is perfect base for your stay in Lombardy. Our Bike Center located in city center makes it easy to get your bike and go for a road, mtb or grave ride.

From our shop you can put yourself on test on the famous last kilometers of the Giro di Lombardia World Tour race, including the infamous cobbles climb of La Boccola. Climb some other major climbs like Selvino (10km at 5%) or Roncola (7km at 8%). If you are a mountain biker there's a lot to do too: Bergamo's Parco dei Colli and the close-by area is full with any kind of trails and endless enduro roads. After your rides there's a welcoming the medieval city with its flamboyant cafes and restaurants. Exactly what we do like the most: having fun on the bike, next enjoying pure Italian lifestyle!

If you're planning to travel to a cycling region in northern Italy, you will easily discover that Bergamo is a strategic pick up place on your way to the best cycling locations of northern Italy: from the Alps to Como lake, and even Garda.

Postcards from Bergamo

Città Alta

Bergamo offers a two-for-one experience

In the foothills of the Alps, Bergamo offers a two-for-one experience with the Città Alta (upper city) and Città Bassa (lower city) offering a dramatic contrast. Citta bassa is vivid, flamboyant and buzzy. Bergamo Alta is all cobbled streets and narrow vicoli (alleys) certainly a fascinating place with a long history, as it was a Roman municipality back in 49 BC! Now it is a picturesque little gem, surrounded by majestic walls that were built in the 16th century by the Republic of Venice, as Bergamo was its last garrison and needed to be protected by the attacks from the Duchy of Milano. Nowadays life in Bergamo Alta is slow and sweet centred around the small but immaculately formed Piazza Vecchia. In winter Bergamo Alta crackles with a mediaeval atmosphere, overlooked by the austere clock tower that once rang a nightly curfew for Bergamaschi to return within the city walls. (And actually nowadays the bell still strikes 100 times at 10pm creating a very suggestive atmosphere).

Gelato alla stracciatella

Enjoy the best gelato ride!
Città Alta hosts one of the oldest coffee places in Italy that has been in continuous activity since 1476! Not to mention the pastry shop known for having invented back in the '60s what now is the worldwide-famous gelato alla stracciatella, mixing the chocolate leftover to the ice cream. But to get this sweet, well-deserved prize we have to get there: don’t worry, you will love to ride up some of the steep and cobble roads taking you up there.

Taleggio cheese

Better than an energy bar!
Taleggio is a semi soft, washed-rind, smear-ripened Italian cheese that is named after Val Taleggio, the mountain area North of Bergamo where this delicious cheese was born. The cheese has a thin crust and a strong aroma, but its flavour is comparatively mild with an unusual fruity tang. In Val Taleggio there are several small and independent local diaries where this cheese is still produced according to the original recipe. The area of Val Taleggio is popular among local cyclists it offers nice rides on a smooth road that runs on sweet slopes and through stunning canyoning cliffs. A stop is mandatory at BAR PESENTI run by the histrionic Signora Maria: here it is usually where every cyclist stops by for a panino con il taleggio. Just ask anybody around: everybody will know it. At home, after the ride, the cheese can be eaten grated on salads such as radicchio or rucola and with spices and tomato on bruschetta. It melts well, so it can be used in risotto with radicchio or on polenta, another local staple dish.

Our service for you

We've designed our services around riders, to get them quickly and smoothly on the nicest bikes and the best routes

Ride on the best routes

We provide you with tracks and suggestions to let you enjoy your rides at best. We like to ride road, gravel and mtb and we are delighted to share with you our favorite tracks and rides, depending on your requests.

We get the bikes to you

We deliver bicycles throughout the region and to the nearest areas for an additional fee. We can also deliver bikes to major cycling destinations in the area (Bormio, Lake Como, Lake Garda) with additional costs to be discussed in advance depending on the number of bikes, rental duration and distance.

Ride with us

We organize guided tours to explore our region with an experienced local guide who speaks English and Spanish (we understand French, although it is not our forte). They are - upon request - for small groups or individuals. And they are fun! We enjoy spending time with our guests both on and off the bike, so we appreciate the extra time at the bar for a few beers together!

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North Sardinia

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