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What's the secret behind so many returning guests? No secret: we just have fun doing what we do. And we do it with passion!

Since 2008 we provide unforgettable cycling tours, holidays and top-notch bicycle hire

Italy-Cycling is not new. It's instead the Italian branch of the head company based in Sardinia and called Sardinia Cycling. We’re not afraid to say that we became - through hard work and passion - a leading cycling tour company in Italy. Since 2008 we specialize in arranging unforgettable cycling tours, holidays and bicycle rental and we work with cyclists from around the world in our paradise region.

Many organizations offer - since decades - trips to Italian destinations. So why another player? Well, we believe a new player makes sense if it does something new. And what we offer is actually a totally new concept:

Being local, wherever. But also being international, locally.

We've put together the best of what local and international mean to our guests. We're local thanks to the network of bike centers in Italy, we're international because our local staff is trained intensively and constantly in order to provide only the best standard and the same quality regardless the region. Quality work, personal service, deep knowledge of our land have been some of the most relevant success keys since company's inception, and are now its - well recognized - signature.

Meet our team

Simona Solla

Partner and founder, financial manager

Road cyclist, guide from Sardinia, Italy

You'll meet her often during our biking tours or events, but her main role is that of financial manager. In these shoes, she saw SardiniaCycling moving from its first base – her backyard – and opening new offices around the island. She's an outstanding reference for our team, an excellent cyclist. And while she makes ends meet, she distributes smiles and a very positive attitude.

Giovanni Lamieri

Partner, marketing strategies

Road and mountain bike rider, guide from Sardinia, Italy

Partner and founder with a degree in political science and a passion for economics and sociology. He has designed the company’s marketing strategies through the years. He’s also designed its outstanding cycle tours. A mountain bike racer in the past, Giovanni has a passion for cycling on the whole. He loves talking about Italy, its traditions, economic and social matters during tours. If you want to stop him from talking, just try to out-cycle him! A challenge? Just try it!

Daniele Pedruzzi

Italy-Cycling North Manager

CYCLING ENTHUSIAST AND FINE connoisseur of the sport we love.

Daniele was born and bred in the heartland of cycling in Italy: Bergamo, in the region of Lombardy, is an area  where cycling is deeply rooted in the collective imagination.  He spent his childhood watching cycling on tv and going to the races when possible. Born in 1979 he still belongs to the generation when you were brought up as a Saronni or Moser supporter,  there was no choice: that was the last big Italian rivalry. Daniele developed a love for the sport, first as a watcher and then as passista-scalatore. After a career employed in the ice-cream business, he has started a cycling club, ran a cycle cafè and now he's managing our bike-center in Bergamo. His Palmares consists of 2 Paris-Roubaix, 2 Strade Bianche, 1 Ronde, 1 Liege, 1 Milan-Sanremo but his favorite is Il Lombardia: he's cycling every week-ends on those roads. He'll show you the beauty of a region where the feeling of cycling is in the people’s bones.

Simone Ottino

Italy-Cycling Sicily Manager

Road cyclist, Area manager for Sicily, from Valle d'Aosta, Italy

He has a great knowledge of Sicilian roads. You might think it's because he's from Sicily. Well he's not: he moved to the most southern Italian region coming from the most northern: Valle d'Aosta. This is great if you'd like to test yourself in this challenging work: Simone is friendly and cheerful as a Sicilian can be and at the same time he's precise like a Swiss watch!

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Join the network of Bike Centers in Italy

Our network is expanding to other Italian regions, in order to provide our worldwide guests only the best and most authentic riding experience. Would you like be part of our team? Discover how!

We have (so far) four offices accross Italy. Contact us via email, call us or drop by.


South Sardinia

Via Vittorio Emanuele, 27
Quartu Sant'Elena, Italy
+39 070 204 10 29
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Costa Smeralda

North Sardinia

Viale Costa Smeralda
@Galleria Dettori
Arzachena, Italy
+39 070 204 10 29
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Sicily headquarters

Via Vittorio Emanuele, 130
Letojanni, Italy
+39 340 342 6320
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Lombardy headquarters

via Finazzi, 6
Bergamo, Italy
+39 329 3781686
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