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We like call them cycling experiences

We love guiding group cycle tours, talking about the places we visit, answering to your questions with the knowledge of a local guide, help creating a magical atmosphere in a group.
We love make feel our guests so safe that they only focus on their riding experience. We love (and live for) the sad farewells - always a 'see you again soon' - as they mean we did great. But we like also offering the great flexibility of self guided tours, since - at Italy-Cycling - it assures also the greatest level of comfort, safety and local knowledge given by our extensive documentation.

All of our biking tours as well as the support services an the bike rental are  operated by our staff only andis handled directly by our skilled staff. This helps us guarantee the quality of your experience, as the people that take your reservation will be the same people that guide you through our beautiful country or hand over your bike... or both.

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Up Bormio, Lombardy

Tour of the legendary climbs of the Alps

Departures: 24 July 21

Ride the bucket list mountains across Italian and French Alps

Noto, Sicily

Sicily's Baroque Ring Tour

Departures: 11 September 2021 | 16 October 2021; available as self-guided

A cycle tour through the beauties of an island rich in culture, traditions… and great cycling

Epic Corsica

Departures: 30 May 2021

A dream tour that features all the highlights of this cycling paradise in the hearth of the Mediterranean

Up Etna volcano

On the roads of Giro d'Italia in Sicily

Departures: 08 May 2021

Giro d'Italia has begun in Sicily many times, let's fly on the best selection of Giro roads

the inner, wild Sardinia

Epic Sardinia

Departures: 23 Sept 2022; available as self-guided

Only the best cycling for a dream tour on the wildest island in the Mediterranean

Up Bormio, Lombardy

The North Sardinia Circle Tour

Departures: 08 Oct 2022; available as self-guided

A ring enclosing the best landscapes, traditions, food and wine of an island considered the best keept secret!

Up Bormio, Lombardy

On the roads of Giro d'Italia in the Alps

Departures: 26 June 2021

Fixed base riding to conquer the iconic Alpine tops, like Stelvio, Gavia and Mortirolo.


Departures: 05 June 2021

A biking tour in the west of Sicily, away from mass tourism, in search of the 'real island'


  • Recreational:
    Enjoying Italian dolce vita
    This is the level of choice if you occasionally enjoy a bike ride and you want to match biking and visits.
  • Enthusiast:
    Earning a good dinner... by the sweat of your brow
    Ideal for you who ride more than occasionally and are not afraid of some good climbing.
  • Challenge:
    You're into cycling, we know what you want!
    You ride quite often and you're in search of challending cycling, including some good meters up.


Didn't you find your tour? We stand ready to help you plan the cycling holiday of your dreams. Custom cycle tours are an importand part of our business. Contact us and you'll been soon connected to our tour designers.

Our hotels

Not just a place to sleep

After years activity and hundreds guests' feedback, we've selcted an hard core of places that we consider either part of the storytelling or just the most functional places depending on the specific trip.

Six excellent reasons
to travel with us

a view from Savoca, Sicily

Enchanting experiences

how we've created Italy-addicted travelers worldwide

We love Italy and we think our Country is different. And we want you to understand why we do. Creating an enchanting experience is no easy task. Doing so takes ability at designing tours and the extensive knowledge of the single regions that only a local company can have. And it also requires great attention to detail. That’s the secret to our success. We’ve created Italy-addicted travelers worldwide. Be the next!

Insider views

Take advantage of an insider's view!

The best attractions aren't necessarily the most popular ones. We like to include historical and cultural attractions to our guided and self-guided tours. And we pay great attention in choosing which ones to include and where and when we can visit them. We Italians are hospitable and proud of our archaeological and cultural heritage and we enjoy sharing it with you.

We're guides & cyclists

...and we ride year round to be ready for you
Would you feel safe with a guide that struggles to keep up with you? Don't think so! At SardiniaCycling we pride to take guides' fitness into the highest level in order to grant guests' riding experience, safety and confidence. So, no matter the pace you ride, or you can ride, our guides will always be there and ready to react.
Best bikes, make for best vacations

Top equipment

Cycle on a bike of your dreams!
Cycling is religion for us. We pride ourselves on having the very best equipment – Canyon bikes – maintained by our expert staff and custom fitted for you. We can offer you everything you could possibly need to make your cycling tour with us a dream. We’ve got helmets, awesome cycling kit and socks, water bottles, GPS assistance and more. Have you ever thought about how excellent equipment can improve your travel experience?
Cycle on a bike of your dreams! And with everything else you might need to make your cycling holiday more than you’ve ever dreamed of!
fixing a bike on the go

Travel with confidence

Your safety is important to us!

A physical or mechanical problem can always happen, and that’s why it’s important to have a rescue service nearby. And that’s also why we're happy to say that we are always available to help you on a guided or self-guided tour, wherever you are and at any time. Our network of offices allows prompt response and immediate action from our own skilled staff. So far, none of our guests have lost a day of their tour. And its up to us to see that they never will.

Granita and brioche in Taormina

Incomparable food

Don't worry, you'll have the day after to burn off the extra calories!

You know as Italians we are crazy about food. Luckily we share this madness and we spend great efforts to let you taste all the infinite shades of Italian regional pastas, cheeses and wines. We’d like you to learn what's behind a local recipe, and we’d even like you try your hand at preparing some regional delicacies.

Need help to select your next cycle tour?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's your usual support level on guided tours?

We have a strict rule since from the very beginning of our adventure: a six to one ratio, which means a riding guide every each 6 riders. Plus, a van that can keep about half riders. The van contains a mobile workshop, spare wheels, spare bikes (the number is chosen depending on the required sizes). We provide a quick lunch on the go (sandwiches, pies, juices, fruit) as well as bevareages. We have gels bars and electrolyes available on purchase. The van is constantly connected to the guide(s).

How do I prepare myself?

Our tours are suited to riders of different capabilities and fitness. For every trip you'll find the estimated fitness level (Recreational, Enthusiast, Challenge). Should you have doubt in the interpretation of that when selecting a tour, the best thing to do is getting in touch with our very experienced staff who'll be happy to help you assess if the tour you've in mind is suitable for you. As an approach, we do not sell a tour if we're not sure you won't enjoy it.

Where do your clients come from?

Many guests find it hilarious, but less than 1% of our guests are from Italy and despite we're proudly Italians, we mostly speak English at work. Our guests are mostly from the US, Canada, Australia, UK and Switzerland. We pride to have a huge repeaters' rate.

How long have you guys been doing this?

Italy-Cycling is not new. Is instead the Italian branch of the head company based in Sardinia and called SardiniaCycling. The head company has started as a family business and it still is, even a pretty evolved one. We’re not afraid to say that we became - through hard work and passion - a leading cycling tour company in Italy. Since 2008 we specialize in arranging unforgettable cycling tours and holidays, accommodating cyclists from all around the world in our paradise island.

Do your guides speak English?

Of course they do. Depending on guest's nationality, on the Country touched by the itinerary as well as on the specific trip level, we choose guides that beside English can speak other languages, like French or German.

Do you offer self-guided tours?

Of course we do. Most tours in our catalog have a self-guided variant. Self-guided tours depart anytime in the season and have a specific pricing that is indicated in the travel page. Services related to guided and self guided tours are listed in all the tour description pages.

What do I get if I reserve a self-guided tour?

Guests on our self-guided tours get an extensive information pack, detailed maps, road book and a GPS with loaded tracks. While on site, we arrange a briefing and we fit the bikes. Our staff are always available to help you wherever and at any time. Our network of offices allows prompt response and immediate action from our own skilled staff. So far, none of our guests have lost a single day of their tour. And its up to us to see that they never will.

Do you offer luggage transfer on your self-guided tours? How does it work?

Yes, sure. And it works in a very smooth way. You'll be asked to leave your labeled bags at the hotel reception every morning by 9.30 am. You'll find bags at the next hotel before 2 pm.

check out our unbiased traveler reviews


Self Guided tour on Sardinia

What a great tour put together by the team at Sardinia Cycling. Australia is a long way from Sardinia - but it was worth the trip! The accommodation and food put together for the tour was fantastic. The logistics worked perfectly with luggage magically appearing...

S.P. Clark, Melbourne, Australia


I have been doing cycling tours for almost 20 years in Europe. This is our first trip using a professional company and we could not be happier with the service, bikes, routes and overall trip. Hotels were good to very good overall. Food was excellent. Bikes were high end Canyon, many of which had Di2 electronic shifting.

Jeff, flycycletravel, New York City, New York

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Sicily headquarters

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Valle d'Aosta and Piedmont headquarters

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