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Welcome to Corsica

Beauty is a secret. To speak of it is to violate it. For me, Corsica is this... you have to love it and leave it alone.

Michel Bussi - French author

The most common thing mistake is to describe Corsica (or any other Mediterranean island) by comparing it to another island that we know better. Well, there's no bigger mistake. Corsica is not a Sardinia with something less or more as well as Sardinia is not like Sicily with something less or more. So why don't explain Corsica (and the other islands) for what it's got, and not for what it misses? Corsica has got fabulous mountains, very little or no flat (except on the eastern side that is less suitable for cycling).

Cycling in there gives an amazing feeling of freedom and challenge. You'll feel the uniqueness of cycling across Alps-alike mountains, with some of the longest climbs we've ever made, but immersed on a purely Mediterranean geography and weather. Not enough? Well you'll find there some of the nicest coastline roads too, especially on the stages along the west coast.

Out of the mainstream locations, roads are quiet and the asphalt is generally good. We're definitely sure it's an experience that a dedicated cyclist must do! 

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Highlights from our rides

Because it's not just cycling

Corte, our favorite town in the center of Corsica

Corte. Corsica Himalayan style!

Corte. A jewel inland.

As usual, diamonds are not right on the surface! In the same way, this jewel-town, among the oldest and most authentic in Corsica, requires go past many cols. But it's worth the job!

Riding up Col de Verde

Vergio, Bavella, Verde... keep these names in mind.

Train your zen mindset... and get ready for long time on a climb.

Vergio, Bavella, Verde and many more. These are the names of some of the famous super long cols that you can find in Corsica. And they're a blast if you're among those - like us not featherweight riders -  who like going up steady for ages on a gentle incline. Here you can do that for as far as 40km!

Espresso and cappuccino make us feel home.

Fancy a good espresso?

Corsica speaks (often) Italian, and so makes good espresso!

Being Corsica socially, culturally and geographically very close to Italy gives cyclists a lot of advantages. One of them is the opportunity to taste (nearly) the same great espressos and cappuccinos you might find just a few hundred kilometers south, in Italy. And if we - as espresso addicted and Italians- tell it to you, that's a matter of fact.

Riding along the Corsican west coast

Lovely coastline roads

Corsica's coastline is astonishing

Corsica's coastline - especially the west coast - features amazing views and offers excellent cycling too. 

Central Corsica

Slow pace life

As soon as you point inland, life gets slow

Corsica has very little population: less than 400.000 people. And people are mostly spread out along the coastline centers. This makes inner Corsica a cycling paradise with many quiet and picturesque villages where you can enjoy a lovely stop.

Down Col du Sorba in the sunshine

Alps-alike, in the center of the Mediterranean

Fancy long climbs and alpine views?

Fancy long climbs and alpine views? But also Mediterranean weather? Here you can get both: 2/3 of the territory is mountain and the weather is purely Mediterranean.

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  • When is the best time for cycling?

    We know that nowadays weather forecasting is somewhat difficult. Temperatures change quite often and suddenly. But Corsica offers, without doubt, great weather for road biking and the island is renowned for its beautiful and diverse landscapes in the different areas, and different weather condition.

    Since the orography and geographical position of the island, is the coldest of the Mediterranean island, but temperatures are still mild. We never suggest the coldest months for a trip, as it's... cold. We suggest May to mid October. April doable, but in the mountains the weather is quite unstable and in the highest peaks there might be still snow. Climbs are very long, this means also descending is. With the bad weather it's no fun.

    Statistically, the highest temperatures are during the summer, when they can reach a high of 35° C or around 95° F. But it is always possible to enjoy our tours during the cooler hours of the day.

    Summer is good for cycling: the temperatures are bearable, especially along the coastline or in the early morning. Of course the most touristic areas, especially those along the east coast, are busier with cars and hotels have less availability and at a higher price.

  • What's the best cycling area in the region?

    The only suggestion we make, and this is also what we do on our tours, is to avoid the east coast as much as possible. There is the most important road from north to south there, the T10 from Bastia to Bonifacio, and it is the same road that cyclists have to take to ride along the eastern side of the island. We know that it is a fairly popular area for cycling - especially for those who cycle easier tours or bike with panniers - mainly because it is semi-flat. But we don't consider motorway cycling the kind of cycling we like to offer.

    That's why on our tours we prefer to stay away from it, as far as possible.

    Everything else is very beautiful. The inland mountains are incredible and wild, the asphalt is generally good. The west coast and the northern 'finger' are superb, although sometimes very windy. Asphalt on the west coast might be rough from time to time.

  • Where can I fly to?

    There are four airports on the island we fly into: Calvi, Bastia, Ajaccio and Figari, each providing excellent access to the main resorts. They are small and functional airports with a limited range of facilities.

    Calvi Sainte-Catherine airport is 10km east of Calvi, Haute Corse. As a small provincial airport all facilities are within walking distance.

    Bastia Poretta airport is 17km to the south of Bastia in the commune of Lucciana, Haute Corse. It's one of the favorite airports as it's very well connected. The airport of choice for your way home after the Epic Corsica trip.

    Figari sud Corse Airport is situated three kilometres to the north west of the village of Figari, Corse du Sud and near Bonifacio. It's a possible airport of choice for flying in if you're doing our Epic Corsica. 

    Ajaccio Napoléon Bonaparte Airport is situated 5km east of the harbor of Corsica’s main town Ajaccio. It's half way from either Bastia or Figari. We can say it's good if you can't reach Corsica in any other way. 

  • How are roads?

    The quality of asphalt varies from bad (not frequent) to very good. There are many roads of different categories. Since the island is sparsely populated, most roads, even state roads, are suitable for cycling. As already said, we'd just avoid as much as possible some stretch of the T-marked roads and most all the T-10.

    Traffic can be annoying in the high summer season near the major beach resorts and around the larger towns (basically just Ajaccio), but it is a ridiculous proportion of the roads compared to the rest of the island. So you can enjoy yourself safely even during the busiest time of the season.

    Our tours are designed to explore the island using the most scenic, safe and fun roads, regardless of the time of year.

Weather and
rainfall in Corsica

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