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On 26 June 2009, the Dolomites were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in recognition of the uniqueness and beauty of the landscape, as well as their geological and geomorphological importance. This mountain range is located in Northeastern Italy. The so-called “Pale Mountains” take their name form the carbonate rock dolomite which they are made of. 

The Dolomites are a true paradise for winter and summer sports which makes this corner of Italy the most dedicated area for active and sustainable tourism.

Riding through these mountains is challenging as the cycling environment is very typical: continuous climbs, consistently steep: you'll often face a gain of 1000m every 45km ridden and it's rare to face climbs at less than 8% incline. Being slow here is fantastic as it gives more time to enjoy the views. Dolomites are pure fun for every avid cyclist but they're also the perfect destination for e-riders, thanks to a consistent network of bike lanes connecting numerous typical ladin mountain villages at the right riding distance for an e-bike. Get ready to discover your favorite mountain region!



The Majestic Climbs of the Dolomites

Enjoy the no-compromise cycling vacation on the Dolomites: you will be able to tell that you have done the most iconic and famous climbs in the Dolomites.

Highlights from our rides

Because it's not just cycling

cyclists riding sellaronda bike day

Sellaronda bike event

A bike-only day in the Dolomites
It is a non-competitive cycle event along a famous loop during which roads are closed to cars. From early in the morning to 3.30pm roads are just for cyclists and thousands gather to ride the 53 kilometers through the famous mountain passes: Gardena Sella Pordoi Campolongo. This cycling festival is open and any can choose from where to start his ride. Just make sure to ride your way anticlockwise as it is highly recommended.
knödel typical ladin food


ride like an Italian, eat like a ladin

This old recipe of ladin heritage is the perfect way to refill the tank after a day up and down the Dolomites.

As many dishes from the past, they were intended as a great way to give new life to leftovers, in particular bread, not pleasant to eat after a few days. Knödels are the confirmation that recycling is good.

Knödels are an iconic and recognizable dish: shaped as 4-6 cm balls made of stale bread cubes, milk and eggs. Don't forget a big beer and the day after your legs will be as brand new! 

original maso local alta badia farmer house

Ladin Culture

alta badia alpine population
Ladin people have inhabited the valleys of Dolomites since the ancient times and because of the geographical isolation, this special culture has survived and kept alive its language and traditions. You can see it in many aspect of everyday life: dresses, food, language, architecture, artistic handicrafts. The name of this culture recalls the Latin and Roman direct influence: after the integration of the Alps into the Roman Empire, the Rhaetian people inhabiting the Dolomites at that time adopted the vulgar Latin that gradually evolved into the Ladin language. The Ladins cherish their traditions and value and protect the strong yet fragile mountain nature that surrounds them, and this makes for an authentic style of hospitality that we're sure you'll love..
cycling lanes and bike path in the dolomites

Cycling lanes network

riding thousands of kilometers along bike lanes
Trentino and Dolomites are well known for their incredible network of cycling lanes. By far the best region in Italy under this point of view. And this extensive network, as well as the offer of services for cyclists, makes cycling the best and most enjoyable way to discover the Dolomites. A very important thing is that the cycle lanes,especially those going along the valleys, turns a region that would be otherwise a paradise for climbers, in a perfect spot for intermediate, e-bikers or even casual riders': everyone can enjoy the feautures that you had the patience to read here!

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