A cycle tour through the beauties of Sicily's baroque, to enjoy its rich culture, traditions… and great cycling


Baroque in Noto, Sicily
  • Starting price

    Guided tour: € 1499
    Self-Guided: € 799

  • Duration

    8 Days

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  • Departing dates

    18 April 2020 | 03 October 2020

  • Guided group tour

    Small group minimum 6 riders | Private groups, any size on requested dates

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  • Final Destination


Support level

Guided tour

  • Accommodation

    4 nights at 4-star; 2 nights at 3-star; 1 night at Agriturismo.


    4 dinners; all breakfasts.


    Guiding; van assistance; mobile workshop; bars, gels and electrolytes available on purchase; 10% discount on bike rentals.


    Flight tickets; extras in hotel, etc.; drinks during the dinner; city tax (if any); travel insurance; individual arrival and departure transfer from/to Catania airport; bike rental.


    Individual arrival transfer from Catania airport to Syracuse € 60 p.p. (min 2 pax); individual departure transfer from Syracuse to Catania airport € 60 p.p. (min 2 pax); supplement for single accommodation € 250 p.p.; bike rental.

Self-guided tour

  • Accommodation

    4 nights at 4-star; 2 nights at 3-star; 1 night at Agriturismo.

  • Meals

    4 dinners; all breakfasts.

  • Support level

    Detailed briefing and a Road-Book containing tour details; GPS with preloaded stage routes; telephone assistance during your stay; 10% discount on bike rentals.

  • Not included

    Flight tickets; extras in hotel, etc; drinks during the dinner; city tax (if any); travel insurance; arrival and departure transfer; bike rental; luggage transport.

  • On request

    Arrival transfer from Catania airport to Syracuse € 60 p.p. (min 2 pax); departure transfer from Syracuse to Catania airport € 60 p.p. (min 2 pax); supplement for single accommodation € 250 p.p.; bike rental; luggage transfer (€ 600 + 10 per pax - min 2 persons).

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Sicily is the southernmost Italian region and the closest portion of Italy to north Africa. It's a unique region, known for its highs as well as for its lows. Exploring the island at the slow pace that cycling can grant is a must do. We'd say it can easily be a once-in-lifetime experience, but we are pretty sure that you'll be among the many repeaters.

Sicily as a whole is so much special that people always struggle to decide which area exploring first. But as lovers of Sicily - and cycling lovers - we suggest an area that we consider special for us who love exploring new places on a road bike: it's the southeast portion of the island, that features not only a great insight of culture, food and architecture, but also the most varied and scenic road rides.

We love to share with our guests amazing places, but our very known skill is to connect them via enchanting roads, discovered thanks to passion and commitment.

We propose to you following a theme: connecting the most important towns where the stunning Sicilian baroque architecture (and we'd say lifestyle) knows its best expressions, creating a special ambience in which restaurants, bars and little shops are like notes of the same song.

The island, thanks to its strategic position in the Mediterranean, has always been land of conquests. Greeks, Romans, Byzantine, Arabs and Normans are just an example of the ancient civilizations that, by adding their unmistakable layers of traditions, architecture, culture made this island so special. Some hints of what we'll see? Syracuse, Ortigia, Noto, Palazzolo Acreide, Scicli, Modica, Ragusa. But be sure that to enounce all the special places along this trip we would need a separate website.

Can you really tell you know a place and its culture if you don't connect places to food or wine? For sure you can't in Italy. So why not connecting Modica and its special chocolate, Noto with the local ricotta or Avola with the amazing red wine Nero d'Avola?

Sicilian food is fuel for our bodies, but also for our souls!

The friendly people, with its purely Mediterranean hospitality, as well as the quality of life - yet on a not actually rich Med island - and the typically local slow pace will conquer you.

Let's discover this amazing island! Together.

Our Route

Day 1: Arrival day

Arrival at Catania airport, transfer to accommodation in Syracuse at a three-star hotel.

DAY 2: Syracuse – Vizzini 70 km - 1285m elevation gain

This stage features a series of up-and-downs from the very beginning and mostly medium-length climbs. Just left Syracuse, we'll face the hardest climb of the day: 8 km with a 6% average incline up to the town of Sortino. From there, we'll ride again on short up-and-down all inside the wild and unspoilt nature of the Anapo valley, on incredibly quiet roads and good asphalt, till we get to Buccheri. That's a good place for a stop. From Buccheri, our journey continues towards Vizzini, riding through a hilly and winding road with - all around - prairie, cultivated fields and pastures. Vizzini - at about 600m ASL in the Sicilian inland, is one of the oldest city in Sicily, with first settlement dating from bronze age. But the Arab influence during the middle age has left a fascinating  layout in the buildings of the old town, like in the wonderful Mother Church, dedicated to San Gregorio Magno. We'll have plenty of time to discover this lovely town. Accomodation and dinner at an Agriturismo.

DAY 3: Vizzini - Scicli 64 km - 734m elevation gain

A hilly stage of medium difficulty that begins with a series of panoramic switchbacks that take us cross a number of tiny villages hidden in the heart of Sicily, such as Monterosso Almo and Giarratana, but also across some of the most famous Baroque towns as Modica and Scicli.

Modica, in particular, is an UNESCO World Heritage site since 2002, due to its well preserved historical downtown. But it's also the perfect place to feed both body and soul with the local premium chocolate, produced, following the Aztec original recipe, using manual grinding (rather than conching), which gives the chocolate a peculiar grainy texture and aromatic flavor.

From this point, it takes only 10 km to another Baroque jewel built on a rock: Scicli, our destination. This lovely town is known for its several churches and squares and the elegant architecture.

But Scicli and its beauty are also very popular in Italy as they are the location of the police station (Commissariato) of Il Commissario Montalbano a popular television series broadcasted in many different Countries and based on the detective novels of Andrea Camilleri.

Overnight and dinner in Scicli at a four-star hotel.

Sicily's countryside

DAY 4: Scicli loop 85 KM - 1061M ELEVATION GAIN

Scicli is so much an iconic Baroque town that we find a shame not to take another night in there and enjoying a loop that connects either the inland areas and the ancient fishing towns along the southeastern coast.

So, left our base in Scicli, we'll ride along the coastline across small fishing villages as Donnalucata, Marina di Ragusa and Punta Secca.

We ride inland again up to Donnafugata castle. With its white façade and Venetian Gothic loggia, this is one of the most fascinating buildings of Sicily.

From there we'll continue towards one of the most important towns in Sicily: Ragusa. It's a quite big town with about 70 thousand inhabitants and together with seven other cities in the Val di Noto, it's part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The list of the main sights in Ragusa is so long that it would deserve a separated web page to name them all.

Some examples? The Cathedral of Ragusa and the church of Santa Maria delle Scale. We ride back to Scicli going again through Modica. For sure it's worth grabbing some more chocolate!

Accommodation and dinner at a four-star hotel.

quiet Sicilian roads

DAY 5: Scicli - Palazzolo Acreide 55 km - 1050m elevation gain

We'll ride again along the quiet and lazy Sicilian countryside, enjoying the ever present up and downs amid the typical Sicilian dry-stone walls. We first reach Giarratana, a tiny village famous in particular for the production of a particular variety of onion. Then we ride again across the lonely countryside: a very panoramic road in the wild Sicily among pastures, cultivations and prairies up to our destination: Palazzolo Acreide, a charming town listed in the UNESCO World Heritage, combining opulent Baroque architecture, several archaeological ruins and a sophisticated gastronomic scene that belies its small-town stature. Overnight and dinner at a four-star hotel.

lonely road in Sicily

DAY 6: Palazzolo Acreide - Noto 76 km - 1048m elevation gain

From Palazzolo Acreide we'll start with a ring ride inside the park of Anapo valley to enjoy the amazing riding across wild inner Sicily and its little villages like Cassaro and Ferla. As soon as we'll be again close to Palazzolo Acreide, we'll ride towards the coastline to Noto, along a road that doesn't lack of switchbacks. Noto is considered the capital of Baroque in Sicily. It was destroyed by a devastating earthquake of 1693 and completely rebuilt. Thanks to its massive churches and public buildings, with stylish architectural details, it deserved to get in the list of the World Culture Heritage list of UNESCO. Noto, as so many places in the island is not only an open air museum, but also an area where local delicacies are made. And since we want to make a trip become an experience, don't only want to taste the local products, but also discover the way they make it.

You'll find very interesting discover how our friend Corrado produces the local ricotta in his small farm!

Overnight at a four-star hotel.

Stunning Noto

Day 7: Noto - Syracuse 60 km - 661m elevation gain

Last stage, but still full of great sights. From Noto we will ride up the Natural Park of Cavagrande del Cassibile, a huge nature reserve that surrounds the canyons formed by the Cassibile river, and then down through a winding descent to Avola, a noted town for the production of a wine you will drink quite often in Sicily: the red and robust Nero d'Avola. From there, we will ride along the coastline to Ortigia, heart of Syracuse, one of the most beautiful and famous towns of Sicily.

After an amazing week of rides, it's time to discover Syracuse, with its stunning Greek ruins, the Baroque buildings all around and its market that reminds us we're not too far from north Africa. Overnight at a three-star hotel.

A stroll in Ortigia, Syracuse

Day 8: Farewell and departure day.

Transfer to Catania airport and end of services.


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