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Welcome to Sardinia

This land resembles no other place. Sardinia is something else. Enchanting spaces and distances to travel - nothing finished, nothing definitive. It is like freedom itself.

David Herbert Lawrence

Write, after his journey on Sardinia in 1921

Biking is the best ways to discover Sardinia. A cycle tour there takes you inside the heart of one of the most ancient regions in Europe. You’ll encounter sun and wind-shaped mountains, deep canyons and unusual forests as well as discover the architectural remains of the enchanting Nuragic civilization. Thanks to Sardinia's varied cycling environment, you can travel to Sardinia as many time as you like and have anytime a totally different experience. Let's begin with your first one!

The island is sparsely populated. The average population density is 67 inhabitants per square kilometer. This suggests that there are a lot of areas to be conquered by biking or trekking, both near the coast and inland. The suitability of the roads on which our tours take place is tested by our staff centimeter by centimeter. And, you can be sure that they will take you to the unknown Sardinia, far from the chaos of the big cities. The terrain in Sardinia is variable, sometimes flat but there is a hill close by. What goes up must come down. The quality of the asphalt is on an average very good, and motorists in Sardinia are very courteous and conscious of cyclists.

Sardinia's got three airport and during the season they're pretty well connected to many destinations in Europe and a few intercontinental too. Travelers from outside Eu can take advantage of good and cheap connections with the most important hubs in Italy like Rome and Milan.

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  • When is the best time for cycling?

    We know that nowadays weather forecasting is somewhat difficult. Temperatures change quite often and suddenly. But Sardinia offers, without doubt, some of the best weather in the world for road biking, mountain biking and outdoors in general – oh and did we mention the island is renowned for its beautiful and diverse landscapes.

    Even during the coldest months, January and February, the weather can surprisingly offer spring-like days, ideal for living out your passion for getting out on two wheels. From march until the beginning of June, daytime temperatures average between 15° and 25° C or about 60 - 75° F.

    Statistically, the highest temperatures are during the summer, when they can reach a high of 40° C or around 100° F. But it is always possible to enjoy our tours during the cooler hours of the day.

    But we know it's not all about the weather: Sardinia is less reachable off season. Most flights connect Sardinia to mainland and very few  Eu (especially) countries remain at reach during the winter. Summer is good for cycling: the temperatures are bearable, especially along the coastline or in the early morning. Of course the most touristic areas are busier with cars and hotels have less availability and at a higher price. The reason you won't find tours in the summer is not the heat, but the impossibility to find hotels accommodating cyclists on a one-night occupation base.

    The seasonal opening of hotels starts at the end of March and until the end of October finding good accommodation is quite easy.

  • What's the best cycling area in the region?

    The place you go and the cycling you find: this is one of Sardinia's best assets for us cyclists. One constant fact is that the island has very few flat roads. There is no better area, there are more hilly areas, areas with steeper climbs, with more, less or no coastline. There are busier areas, quieter areas and even deserted regions.

    To simplify: the coasts are always roads with ascents and descents. As you go inland, towards the central areas of Sardinia, you move towards a mountainous area and you find many longer climbs, even more than 20 km. In general, the climbs are not steep and long at the same time, steep sections are a rarity.

    If you have any questions about where to cycle, contact our tour designers.

  • Where can I fly to?

    Sardinia has three airports: Cagliari Elmas in the south, Olbia-Costa Smeralda in the northeast and Alghero in the northwest. Cagliari Elmas is the one of the most important airports in Sardinia. It is twenty minutes from the town of Quartu Sant’Elena, the location of SardiniaCycling/Italy-Cycling.

    On the website of the Cagliari airport – – you will find the list of airlines, many of them low-cost airlines, that fly into Cagliari. The airport is open year round. During the summer, there's still a number of connections with the rest of Europe on charter and scheduled flights. Transport from the Cagliari airport to the city by taxi or the ARST shuttle bus is excellent.

    The second airport in Sardinia is Olbia-Costa Smeralda. It is very busy during the summer as it offers a wide range of low-cost flights with the rest of Europe. For further information on the destinations and the timetables, you can visit the website:

    The Alghero Fertilia airport is situated in the Northwest of Sardinia. It is used mostly by the low-cost airline Ryanair. For departure and arrival details have a look into the website:

  • How are roads?

    The quality of asphalt varies from good to excellent. There are many roads of different categories. Since the island is sparsely populated, most roads, even state roads, are suitable for cycling.

    Traffic can be annoying in the high summer season near the major beach resorts and around the larger towns, but it is a ridiculous proportion of the roads compared to the rest of the island. So you can enjoy yourself safely even during the busiest time of the season.

    Our tours are designed to explore the island using the most scenic, safe and fun roads, regardless of the time of year.

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