Biking tours in Valle d'Aosta

riding between mountains and castles!

Welcome to Valle d'Aosta

The mountain is made for everyone, not just for mountaineers: for those who want to rest in a peaceful environment, as well as for those who seek an even stronger rest in fatigue.

Guido Maria Rey

Mountaineer, writer and photographer

The Aosta Valley territory, surrounded by the Alps, is a magnificent cycling region that contains some of the best terrain for those who love cycling in its many forms.

Are you a fan of road cycling? Here you can find some legendary mountain passes such as Petit Saint-Bernard, Colle San Carlo, Col Saint-Pantaleon, Grand Saint-Bernard, Matterhorn (or Cervino, as we call it in Italy) and many others.

Are you a bike tourist and want to explore traffic-free roads, mostly on bike paths, and in an area rich in history? You can ride along the Central Valley discovering its monuments and enjoying easy days along the bike paths among the large number of medieval castles.

Are you tempted by gravel? Perfect! You'll find fantastic gravel trails up mountains and hills. But if the goal is to go downhill, Aosta Valley is the land of the best bike parks like La Thuile or Pila, to name a few. Whatever your way to live cycling, Valle d'Aosta is your playground!

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Highlights from our rides

Because it's not just cycling

the cycle path along Cagliari beach


One of the most iconic mountains in the world
The Cervino (4.478 meters) is one of the most iconic mountains in the world. Also known as the Matterhorn: its pyramid shape and its dimension have always stimulated the human imagination and its history often combines reality and legend. One of these legends attributes the birth of the Matterhorn to an accident caused by the weight of the Giant Gargantua. Whether on the road or off-road (Gravel and MTB), we offer different rides on the slopes of this mountain. Its silhouette is enclosed in the Italy-Cycling Alps logo.
Riding up the Etna volcano


best known typical Aosta Valley cheese
Fontina DOP is the best known typical Aosta Valley cheese. It is a gastronomic excellence that perfectly expresses the identity of this Alpine region: it is produced using the milk of three different breeds of local cows. Accompanied by a slice of Aosta Valley rye bread and a glass of red wine, it expresses all its incredible flavor.

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  • When is the best time for cycling?

    It is easy: from late spring to summer. The travel window for these high mountains is very narrow, just before June and until the beginning of September.

    Towards the extremities, the weather is less stable. So we use to organize our trips inside the 'safe' window, as the weather is more stable. Facing bad weather on a mountain ride is not pleasant: it means a drop in temperature of several degrees, and if you are on the Piccolo San Bernardo at about 2200 metres when it happens... well, let's put it this way: it's no fun.

    Some days with rain can happen in the core of the good season, but if you go towards the beginning or end of the season, the possibility of a long bad weather increases dramatically, making, not just a single day, but the whole trip an epic experience, but one that you would never want to make.

  • What's the best cycling area in the region?

    Valle d'Aosta is the smallest and least populated region in Italy. As the name suggests, it develops along a valley where also the most populated places are. That's the valley of the Dora Baleta river, which starts in the highest part of Valle d'Aosta, near the Swiss border and runs to Piedmont.

    There are many ways - and therefore many places -  to enjoy the Aosta Valley by bike: one is to stay in a nice place in the valley - for example Chatillon, where we have our office - and climb the mountains to the east or west. Another is much less demanding: the Aosta Valley has countless castles along the valley and there are beautiful country road cycling trails that make it easy to discover the area.

    In both cases, there's plenty of nice roads and the traffic is never a problem.

    The dirt roads are also great: there are some of the best dirt roads around, some of which will take you around the majestic Mont Blanc, 4,807 metres high, the highest mountain in the Alps.

    That's not all: if you love gravity, there are two of the best bike parks in Europe, in Pila or La Thuile. There is a bit of everything, even in a small region. 

  • Where can I fly to?

    Depending on the trip, we suggest either Milan MXP or Bergamo BY.

    Alternatively, Turin Caselle, in Piedmont.

  • How are roads?

    Asphalt is as good as mountain asphalt can be. The frost of winter slowly damages the asphalt. There is nothing critical. Repaving takes place quite often.

    Traffic must be taken into account, especially when travelling up some iconic climbs like the Piccolo San Bernardo or to Cervinia. But it's nothing too critical, especially compared to the most renowned locations in the Italian, Swiss or French Alps.

Weather and
rainfall in Valle d'Aosta

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